These articles provide a more in-depth look at the contents of the Python Cheatsheet.

Python projects with Poetry and VSCode Part 2

In this second part, we'll add our virtual Environment to VSCode, update our dependencies and integrate Flake8, Black and Pytest with the editor.

Python projects with Poetry and VSCode Part 1

We'll use Poetry to start a simple project, manage dependencies and publish it on PyPI. We'll also integrate Pytest, Black, and Flake8 into VSCode directly from a Virtual Environment.

Python *args and **kwargs Made Easy

args and kwargs may seem scary, but the truth is that they are not that difficult to grasp and have the power to grant your functions with lots of flexibility.

Python Sets: What, Why and How

When writing code, you can do it in more than a single way. Some are considered to be bad, and others, clear, concise and maintainable. Or pythonic In this Article we are going to explore the way that Python Sets can help us not just with readability, but also speeding up our programs execution time.

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